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About Us

Our company was founded in early January of 2021, by Chev and Chevelle, when both of them decided to grow a new professional company on TruckersMP. We are a company that prefers to offer our drivers freedom and the ability to enjoy themselves while being a part of us.

We do offer several different driver roles that can be obtained the more miles you drive over time and we have a variety of staff roles with all having their own set of responsibilities. We strive ourselves on wanting to create a friendly environment and for being known as a company that welcomes nearly everyone.


  • Must be 16 years and older. (some exceptions)

  • Have a basic understanding of English.

  • No more than 3 active bans on record within the past year.

  • Must abide by TruckersMP rules, our rules, and drive in a responsible manner.

  • Must be willing to be active and use TrucksBook.

  • Always use our official tag/paint colors at all times on TruckersMP.

Why choose us?

We are a virtual trucking company that cares about our drivers. We offer freedom to haul any trailer, any cargo, and to any location. Your career in our company is what you make of it. Your loads and mileage are always tracked to ensure that your driver rank is increasing and you are getting the most enjoyment out of driving with us. Besides sitting around and not having people to truck with, we have a wide variety of drivers from all over the world and you can always almost find someone to truck with.


Our company was founded on offering freedom and it will always stay like that. We have no plans to enforce our mileage activity requirement on those that can't meet it. Your real life will always come first and it will always stay like that in this company.


If you love trucks and love making new friends, this is the place for you!

Gaming Community

We also have a gaming community that is dedicated to numerous games. Minecraft, Farming Simulator, Call of Duty, and so much more! Everyone is welcome in our Discord server, which can be found below.

Weekly Convoys

Multiple convoys planned weekly with some happening every night.

Friendly Community

Community that is always there to assist and welcome everyone.

Earnable Roles

Ability to earn new driver roles by simply driving using our trackers.